In this section you can read, download or print all the results and documents that are being generated by the BuiCaSuS team.

As it is a 2 year project, documents will be generated at different stages.

This knowledge repository will range from Country mapping reports, Best practice cases, Upscaling reports, Training materials, Key learnings, Capacity Building priorities for each country, Policy options, Analytical grids or Blueprints and Action Plans.

You will also find our Mid and Final conferences conclusions and presentations at events, Hubs or roundtables.


National documents

Executive Summary

This document summarises the project, its objectives, its desired impacts and the stages of work. It includes a summary of the organisations involved and other details.

Download the full document in English or the PDF in the national languages per country

Social Innovation Pilot Projects

These documents have not yet been generated.

Final Report

These documents have not yet been generated.