Social Innovation

Social innovations are innovations that are social both in their means and in their ends. At the core of the thinking about social innovation is the innovation spiral. It inquires how new ideas that respond to new social needs are generated, identified, developed, tested, upscaled and transferred.

A main issue of debate is how public actors can foster ecosystems that generate new responses. The task is how to nurture new ways of caring for people’s needs at all levels, from small-scale community-based innovations to public policies

If you want to learn about the EU definition and what the Commission does on social innovation, click the link below.

people walking on a bridge
people walking on a bridge

Competence Centres for Social Innovation

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ESF+ Transnational Cooperation Platform

BuiCaSuS is part of the ESF+ Transnational Cooperation Platform working to increase the effectiveness of policies supported by the European Social Funds (ESF) by “facilitating transnational partnerships, the exchange of experience, capacity building and networking, and the capitalisation and dissemination of relevant outcomes” (ESF Regulation 2013/1304/EU)

Below is a list of the other Competence Centres for Social Innovation consortia in the platform:

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