AVISE proposes a mission and workplan to act as National Competence Centre for France


This document presents a roadmap for Avise in its role as a Competence Centre for Social Innovation (CCSI).

In 2020, Avise submitted a bid approved by the French State to the European Commission’s call for projects for “Competence Centres for Social Innovation” and ran the project for two years as part of the BuiCaSuS consortium. Unlike most Member States, France did not have to create a Competence Centre for Social Innovation (CCSI) and Avise already met most of the European Commission’s expectations for these centres, such as providing support to social innovation ecosystems, networking with social economy actors, fostering transnational knowledge exchange and capitalising on best practices for projects funded by the European Social Fund. In its strategic plan, the roadmap covers the social innovation aspects of AVISE’s activities for 2023-2027.

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