BuiCaSuS culminates by presenting four National Blueprint Strategies and Action Plans for CCSI

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BuiCaSuS culminated in National Blueprint Strategies and Action Plans for CCSI in France, Latvia, Spain, and Sweden, after extensive work including screening and mapping national social innovation ecosystems, exploring tools methods and possible institutional designs, and practical replication/upscaling of best social innovations. The Strategies showcase progress, share insights, and provide a detailed roadmap for further development of the social innovation ecosystem in each country.

The development of these documents involved a crucial part of stakeholder engagement. Policy planning and implementation actors, such as social innovators, national ministries, public officials, and others, were involved in each partner country to ensure that the Strategy is realistic, corresponding to the actual state of affairs, and adaptable. From a methodological point of view, the country partners considered the institutional design criteria identified in action 5.1 “Shared framework and analytical grid for CCSI blueprint” and carried out a policy formulation exercise involving all relevant partners.

By uploading these National Blueprint Strategies and Action Plans for CCSI, partner countries contribute to the knowledge-sharing efforts and help promote the further development of CCSI programs globally. The Strategies for France, Latvia, Spain, and Sweden can be found here:

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