Online transnational workshop on social innovation mapping

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On the 18th and 19th of October 2021, BuiCaSuS reached out for the first time to a wider transnational audience in Sweden, France, Latvia, and Spain. 

An online expert workshop on the “Conceptual framework and methodological guidance for the country mappingwas held over two days, bringing together around 40 BuiCaSuS project partners, practitioners, policymakers, academics, and planners of the European Social Fund. 

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The workshop

The objective was twofold. First, we discussed core notions to establish a shared conceptual framework, namely social innovation, ecosystems, upscaling, social services and public social innovation. Then, we discussed the methodology to do the mapping in the four countries. 

The workshop was enriched by two expert dialogues on the issue of “social innovation ecosystems” and “public social innovation”. Likewise, we had the chance to listen to two real-life cases, the Swedish home-care app and the Basque municipal network project for the end-of-life care and process of grievances Getxo Zurekin. 

The closing summoned representatives from public authorities from the four countries which in a foresight activity imagined how, in 2030, the ESF+ Funds will have been spent and what influence BuiCaSuS will have developed. 

The outcome of the workshop will be the finalised Working paper on concepts and mapping methodology, enriched by the workshop discussions.   


Here you can find the workshop programme and list of participants (385KB).


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